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This page contains a range of educational material relating to safe clinical communication as well as broader human factors in healthcare issues.

Human Factors Workshop

The student course manual for Dr Rob Galloway's popular human factors workshop, sponsored by Health Education Kent, Surrey & Sussex:


             Workshop manual (487kb)

As well as two video summaries:     (1 hour)    (15 minute summary)

ED Prompt Cards

A downloadable version of the prompt cards we introduced in the Emergency Department at Brighton & Sussex as a situational awareness aide to improve communication and clinical safety:

             ED prompt cards version 5.0 (9.2mb)                            




             Editable power point version 5.0 (7.9mb)

On Checklists 

Human factors expert Guy Hirst has kindly contributed this document which looks at checklist implementation in healthcare:

             Checklists (107kb)

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